with akara
with akara
High-Quality Fresh Egg products and Processed Egg products produced from the farm with quality controls by technology delivered directly to you. Our products can make your meals more valuable than ever.
Akara Egg

High-Quality Fresh Hygienic eggs and processed eggs products by akara are certified by the Department of Livestock Development, Thailand through a standardized manufacturing process that makes your meals to be more special.

Akara Eggology

Healthy Hens Fresh Eggs by AKARA EGGOLOGY enriched with nutrients and environmentally friendly. Our eggs have a good taste. Because we promote to take care of hens carefully and make sure the freshness of eggs with the certification standard.

Akara ISE

Japanese-Style Fresh Eggs that are clean and safe with the high technology manufacturing processes as Japan. Shell Eggs will be washed and sterilized. All eggs are full of nutrients with quality control guarantee freshness by transporting in Cold Chain System from the farm delivered directly to you.

Akara Group
akara Story akara Story
akara Story

The Quality & Safety of our products for our consumers is akara group’s priority. Thus, to ensure we prepare our products to Quality & Safety, we have been developing products that are strict and attentive in every process.


The Farm has also been granted company approval for the manufacturing of Quality fresh & Hygienic eggs by GMP/ HACCP and DLD Certificate 2016 standards.

About akaraAbout akara
About akara

akara group, the specialist of Fresh eggs & Processed eggs.  With extensive egg experience for over 25 years, we committed to develop fresh eggs with good quality by giving importance to Quality of Freshness, Cleanliness, and Safety.


Through unique internal quality controls and production processes. Our production processes have been verified by experts including developing a variety of products to meet consumer needs and satisfaction.

Let ‘akara’ fulfill every deliciousness with excellent egg recipes which are full of flavors, have easy steps to follow conveniently, and help to make your favorite meals to be more special and interesting.