with akara
with akara
Fresh chicken egg products And products from processed eggs of good quality Fresh produce from farms delivered directly to you. That will help make your meal more valuable than ever
Akara Group
Akara Group
Akara Egg

Premium quality fresh chicken eggs Hygienic Certified by the Department of Livestock Development Through a standardized production process A delicious filling for every meal on the table.

Akara Eggology

Egg products that meet all nutrition needs Environmentally friendly, delicious, clean, safe from hormones and antibiotics. Sustainable health conscious

Akara ISE

Eggs can be eaten raw with Japanese standards. Safe from bacteria, high in vitamin E and DHA. Control you from the farm straight to you.

Akara Group
akara Story akara Story
akara Story

We take into account safety standards in every bite you eat. We therefore develop products that care about the beginning of the process. Until receiving GMP / HACCP and DLD Certificate 2016 from the Department of Livestock Development, the first in Thailand.

About akaraAbout akara
About akara

Agra originated from the Sangthong Saha Farm business. Good quality broiler farm Until developing into a hygienic chicken egg brand Premium quality ‘akara’ We place great emphasis on quality. By the production process that has been verified by experts To get all eggs that are of the same standard. Including developing a variety of products Meet all the needs of consumers.

Let 'Agra' help fill the deliciousness of every meal.