Medium-Boiled Egg
4 servings
Medium-Boiled Egg
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The boiled egg is an all-time favorite for many people. Here are the tips to make boiled eggs cooked as you want.

The delicious medium-boiled eggs with sticky egg yolks. 

Whether it is boiled or fried eggs, eggs must be fresh and clean with good quality. Like ‘akara’ hygienic eggs that are certified fresh and clean, NO Hormones Added, and NO Antibiotics, so that you can bring to make whatever menu you want. 

Source: KRUA.CO

‘akara fresh eggs’ 4 eggs
Sea salt
Chili fish sauce (for serving)

Store ‘akara’ hygienic eggs at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before cooking.


Place a pot of water over medium heat and add sea salt to the boil. Add the eggs to boil, one at a time. The important tip is that water must cover the eggs and set the timing for 5 minutes. During boiling, stir gently and immediately scoop eggs into a bowl of cold water. Like this, you will have a perfect medium-boiled egg. When eggs are completely cooled, gently peel and slice eggs in half using a thread for smoothness. Then, you will be ready to serve delicious boiled eggs. It will be more delicious if you eat boiled eggs with fish sauce or chili sauce.

"Eggs are a perennial favorite for many people. Complete with tricks to get the eggs cooked as you want. When making medium-boiled eggs, egg yolk must be tough and well cooked."
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