Crispy Fried Egg
3 servings
Crispy Fried Egg
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The fried egg dish is an all-time favorite of many people. Here, we are introducing you to how to make crispy fried eggs as you like.

Crispy egg white, but the yolks still flow so smoothly and not too cooked.

Whether it is boiled or fried eggs, eggs must be fresh and clean with good quality. Like ‘akara’ hygienic eggs that are certified fresh and clean, NO Hormones Added, and NO Antibiotics, so that you can bring to make whatever menu you want. 

Source: KRUA.CO

‘akara fresh eggs’ 3 eggs

Heat oil on medium heat until it becomes boiling. The important tip is you must use a deep pan so that fried eggs will not be too flat when frying. Then, fry eggs until it is crispy and not let egg yolk overcooked. After that, put a fried egg on the plate and enjoy the deliciousness.

"This is another egg dish with this trick, how to get crispy fried eggs, perfectly cooked and delicious with akara hygienic eggs."
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