Fluffy Omelet
2 - 3 servings
Menu Information

Omelet is an all-time favorite menu of many people. So, we have tips and tricks to make omelets as soft and fluffy as you want.

Homemade Thai style omelet with a soft and fluffy texture.

Whether it is boiled or fried eggs, eggs must be fresh and clean with good quality. Like ‘akara’ hygienic eggs that are certified fresh and clean, NO Hormones Added, and NO Antibiotics, so that you can bring to make whatever menu you want.

Source: KRUA.CO

‘akara fresh eggs’ 4 eggs
Fish sauce 2 teaspoons
Recommended equipment: Teflon pan

Crack ‘akara’ hygienic eggs into a bowl, add fish sauce seasoning as you like.


Heat a Teflon pan on medium heat. Pour oil into the pan. When the oil is hot until the smoke comes up, pour eggs into the pan and pour 1 oil above.  Fry until the bottom of the egg becomes golden brown. Then, flip over and continue frying until the other side becomes golden brown as well. Then, turn off the heat.


Put the soft and fluffy omelets onto the plate. The deliciousness is now ready to serve!

"A super easy menu but full of tips. Here are the tricks and tips that make omelets soft and delicious in Thai style by using hygienic eggs from akara."
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