Egg Coffee
1 serving
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Coffee lovers should not be missed! “Egg Coffee” is very popular in Vietnam. The deliciousness is that we use egg yolk from ‘MORI-TAMA’ Japanese-style eggs mixed with sugar until it becomes a creamy foam on top with coffee. The creamy foam is soft and smooth, which enhances the mellowness of your favorite coffee as well. High-quality eggs, with manufacturing standards at the Japanese level, every step is meticulous until it becomes a perfect and fresh egg like ‘MORI-TAMA’. For coffee lovers who want to try, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed, and you will forget the original milk cream foam forever.

Source: KRUA.CO

'MORI-TAMA' Japanese-style eggs 2 eggs
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Coffee powder 2 tablespoons
Hot water ½ cup
Coffee powder (for sprinkling)

Make yolk cream from ‘MORI-TAMA’ eggs by separating egg yolks. Then, pour sugar into an egg yolk bowl. Mix egg yolk and sugar using a whisk until the yolk mixture is thick, creamy. After that, set aside.


Make coffee by putting coffee powder into a cup with hot water and stir ingredients together. Then, pour egg yolk cream into a glass. Sprinkle it with coffee powder on top, and it is ready to serve.

"Hot coffee with soft cream foam. A special thing is that the egg cream is beaten with MORI-TAMA Japanese-style eggs with sugar. Until forming a soft creamy lather. On top of black coffee contrasts with the sweetness of egg cream."
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